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LED lighting is the future of modern daylighting and is now being installed in a large number of homes and businesses across Australia. The growth we have seen in LED lighting across Australia over the last 2 years is incredible and it will continue to grow and develop for many years to come. In a world of increasing power prices, led lighting could not have come at a better time for the home and business owner. With lighting typically being up to 30% of the average power bill, every month that passes using old inefficient lighting technologies such as incandescent and diachronic halogen downlights is costing you money. By changing over to a quality LED lighting product now you could reduce these cost to just 1/5th of the power consumption of the older lighting technologies and not need to change these LED fittings for up to 20 years if run 6hrs per day creating additional savings over and above your cost of power.

With this in mind, it is extremely important to ensure all the products you are purchasing to meet Australian standards and are of high quality to achieve longevity from your investment. The cheapest isn’t always the best idea in the long term and can also be a safety hazard to your family or staff if the products do not meet Australian Standards. iQ Lighting ensures all products comply with Australian standards, so you can feel confident and safe that the products you purchase are designed and manufactured to the highest quality.

At iQ Lighting we have a focus on DesignBuild Quality and Lighting Efficiency to provide you with not just an LED light but a “Smarter Lighting Solution”.

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